Vitals Care Pediatric Way

We are parents before being health professionals

We, at Vitals Care, understand the stress you undergo in caring for your sick child. We know you don't have the time to waste while unsure of your child's health status. We understand you want to get things done quickly and return home to take care of your child.

At Vitals Care Company, our mission is to help take care of your kid from home, so you don't need to wait in a long queue anymore. Our Vitals Care Technician comes to your home to take your child's vital signs, and we upload the data to our secure platform for you and your doctor's review.

These data reassure you that your child's condition is appropriately treated. As a result, we buy you time, eliminate your worries, and save you from stress while you continue caring for your children.

Elderly Vitals Care Way

Our elders are exposed to different health conditions due to their aging immune systems. As a result, slight changes in their health can cause concern. For example, you want to be sure there is no spike in their blood pressure, and you don't want to cause them stress while doing that.

Vitals Care Company helps you eliminate stress. Upon request, our technicians come to your home and record your elders' vital signs in the comfort of their own home. With this service, you are keeping your elders healthy without the time and stress of getting to a Doctor's office.

COVID-19 Patient

The uncertainty that comes with being a COVID-19 patient. Testing positive to COVID-19 has different delays and can be worrisome. You and your loved ones are at risk of being exposed to various health conditions. COVID-19 reduces oxygen saturation, which can be life-threatening and happen without your knowledge.

At Vitals Care Company, our technicians come to your home to take your vital signs. Then, we serve as a liaison for your doctor by uploading the vital signs information so that it's available for your doctor's review. That way, you are staying healthy while staying at home.

Non-COVID-19 Patient

You don't have to be a COVID-19 patient to check your vital signs. Everyone should check them regularly. That way, you are aware of your health conditions and know if you need to visit your doctors. At Vitals Care, we do this for a lower cost than your copay for a typical doctor's visit.

Our technicians visit your home and take your vitals for doctor review. With that, you can know how healthy you are on a regular basis.

Are you suffering from chronic conditions?

You know your health is fragile if you are suffering from chronic conditions. Despite the available commercial insurance coverage and Medicare, you have limited doctor visits throughout the year. The cost of an emergency room is expensive, and home health care requires specific skills.

How do you intend to keep yourself healthy?

Our technicians at Vitals Care Company provide you optimal health solutions at a budget-friendly cost. Are you concerned about your blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, or your heartbeat? Let one of our Vitals Care Technicians come by to assure you of good health from the comfort of your home.

Are you a discharged home health care patient?

Home health care gives people more independence over their health. Medicare covers some standard measures of home health care. However, it is not a long-term healthcare solution.

Your best means to ensure continued home health care is to become a member of Vitals Care. Our technicians will visit you regularly to record your vital signs and upload them to our secure portal for your doctor's review. This process gives you access to optimized medical check-ups and treatment.

Doctors looking to partner with Vitals Care?

You can register on our website to get started. Then, our Vitals Care Technicians visit your patients to record their vital signs and upload them to our HIPAA-compliant software for you to review. All of this happens upon your request with the click of a button.

With Vitals Care, you can provide efficient health care services from the comfort of your office or home. As a result, you'll gain time in the day to attend to other professional calls and more patient visits.