About Us

Vitals Care Company was formed in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to address a dire need in medicine. With the forced mass adoption of telemedicine, doctors lacked access to objective data. Vitals Care brings essential, accurate data to the practice of telemedicine.

Before your scheduled telemedicine visit, a Vitals Care Technician visits your patient to obtain their objective vital data and sends it to you via a HIPAA-compliant communication portal.

View your patient's:
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen Saturation

Why Use Vitals Care?

We help you provide comprehensive consultations, leading to well-deserved higher insurance reimbursements. See graph below:

How it works


The process starts by enrolling the Primary Care Physician in Vitals Care and creating their profile. The PCP can then schedule the patient's Vitals Care Technician visit.


After the schedule is confirmed, Vitals Care will then verify the appointment via phone to get verbal consent about the visit and to verify the patient's address.

Safety Protocols

Vitals Care Technicians maintain proper safety protocols before your scheduled visit. Vitals Care Company prides itself on making sure each Technician is punctual and professional.

Quality Assurance

We understand how important it is to deliver quality healthcare to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Each Vitals Care Technician is BLS certified and trained to identify any potentially unstable vitals, notifying both yourself and EMS if necessary.

Detailed Consultation

We help PCP's make the best use of their time by having the patient's vital data provided by Vitals Care ahead of the consultation. With a more comprehensive understanding of the patient's condition, doctors can focus on the most important thing: giving patients the best telemedicine care possible.

Reimbursement Medical Insurance

It goes without saying that reimbursement issues are inevitable. Especially, in the case of telemedicine practice when you cannot upfront your patient to the court for evidence. As the state laws vary, depending on the state in which they hold their license and the state in which the patient lives and clinicians may not be able to practice medicine across state lines.Many physicians face technological concerns like finding the right digital platform, weak connection, and privacy threats. Along with that, they need to rely on patient self-reports during telemedicine sessions.

Thanks to Vitals Care who come up with the best medical insurance reimbursement service that is designed by keeping you first in mind. Hey! Physician, it’s time to say GoodBye to your reimbursement problems.

We ensure you a robust system for telemedicine practice by our Vitals Care Technician visits your patient to obtain their objective vital data and sends it to you via a HIPAA-compliant communication portal.