Take your telemedicine care to the next level.

Vitals Care Technicians provide objective vitals for your telemedicine consultations, so you can save time and obtain higher reimbursements while delivering better care.

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Telemedicine Consultation Services

A doctor-patient bond is just invincible. It says - medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients, quite helpful to acknowledge the necessity of physicians consultation with their patient. Thanks to telemedicine consultation services that save time and improves the regularity rate. But like two faces of a coin, there are certain concerns that keep evolving from time to time. Some of these are:

  1. Reimbursement of medic claim
  2. Lack of Sufficient Data for Care Continuity
  3. Privacy Concerns for customers
And, that’s exactly where telemedicine consultation company comes into the big picture.
How do we stand as your safest bet?
  1. Once the primary care physicians (PCP) get him/her enrolled at Vitals Care, they can schedule the patient's consultation including the Vitals Care Technician visit.
  2. Certified technicians visit the patient’s residence after verification for vital support home care.
  3. The Vitals Care Technician will upload the data to the doctor's account, and the consultation will begin after the vitals are taken.
  4. The technicians will obtain real-time objective vital data and send it to Physicians in a HIPAA-compliant way.
Helping both PCP and customers to get familiar with the new avatar of Telemedicine consultation services to overcome the concerns of telemedicine.